About us

Bookviaus provides both leisure and corporate non-stop travel services with the most credible and practical tour and travel services as it provides the most competitive rates in the market.

The Business

The Core business of Bookviaus is offering a range of extravagant Travel and Tourism services, Airline reservations, and Special customized packages (Domestic / International) for simple to unique destinations, Hotel booking. Additionally, it offers customized packages made to suit every market's travel preferences and travel culture The various sales channels that Bookviaus uses to target various customer groups. Furthermore, its platform interacted with a number of Central Reservation Systems (CRS), Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and regional electronic hotel inventories

Our Values

We are committed as:

We provide an easy-to-use system that makes it stress-free to browse and affordable price services.

We believe what will set everyone apart is our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

In order to fulfill the shifting demands of the market and maintain our customer loyalty and satisfaction, we are confident that continual development and quality assurance are crucial.

Why Bookviaus

As your travel coordinator, we facilitate travel for our clients by providing all their trip-related needs in one location.

Technology website will be easy to use and access due to our cloud-based smart travel technology systems

Diversity of service one of our strengths is the range of services that we provide to our customers

Price VS. Quality We provide the lowest cost in the market at an affordable price. As we are a step ahead of our competitors by offering the best price and over-the-top services to our customers. We strive for delivering quality service to our customers.

Vision Statement

When selecting to travel anywhere, especially to the US you can depend on us to be the best online travel company. And it won't take place unless we accomplish our main goal of leaving our consumers with a lasting recollection.

Mission Statement

To attract new consumers and turn them into satisfied, devoted patrons through a variety of services that adhere to high standards by facilitating real-time booking, secured payment, and travel paperwork both inside and outside of the US

Our Services

Through our full-service travel company and our innovative platform-based international travel community, we offer travel experiences.

Flight Booking: Real-time assistance with all flight-related information, including flight schedules via Amadeus, affordable flights via Travel Fusion, and flight status data.

Hotel Reservation: Our intuitive, integrated system will streamline your booking procedure with the help of well-chosen filters and enable you to easily find what you're looking for using our extensive array of filtering options.

Flights and Hotels: You can design your own itinerary-based tour or select one of our tour packages.

Customized Tours: website will be easy to use and access due to our cloud-based smart travel technology systems

Vacation Packages: We offer a cost-effective way to travel. You can choose from family, honeymoon, adventure & wildlife safari, cultural, and many other vacation options.